UpWork Project - T-shirt Design:
This design was created for a project for a client on UpWork. Her vision was to steer clear of Christian cliques but still use words such as love, grace, or mercy in another language that could spark curiosity and conversations about Jesus. This is the Thai word for love, pronounced "rak". To say I love you, you would say: "Chan rak khun ka/krap" (depending on your gender - women would say ka, and men would say krap at the end of the phrase). I love the shape of the Thai letters; there's beauty in the characters themselves. I love that something like a beautiful flower could be integrated with these beautiful characters and all come together to make a beautiful design for my client's T-shirt store. And the word love could spark conversation about many things; loving your neighbour as yourself or love is patient, love is kind, just to name a couple conversation topics.

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