One Family At A Time
A company called One Family At A Time created a fundraiser to raise money for low-income families. 
Marketing Brochure: I designed marketing collateral for their fundraiser called Breaking Financial Barriers that took place from May to September 2020. This marketing brochure was aligned with the campaign that I had also created social media posts for. See below for more details on the social media campaign items. I took a similar approach and used similar stock images of people with the same ethnicity, along with the brand colour purple from their logo and the contrasting yellow colour that was used in the social media campaign. I'm really happy with how this turned out and the client indicated that I had brought her idea to life.

Social Media Marketing Posts: I created a series of Instagram and Facebook promotions for a fundraiser called Breaking Financial Barriers. I researched the target audience and took into consideration the location and ethnicity of the target market. I used this information to source black and white stock images of families. I used the same colour scheme and font pairings throughout the series to create cohesive branding amongst the campaign posts. I added yellow to some of the words so that they would stand out in contrast to the rest of the phrases and create emphasis.

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