Greasy Spoon Logo:
For a school project, I created an American diner​​​​​​​ called Greasy Spoon. The design of the logo combined both the lower case letters "g" and "s" to create a new unique character. The illustration of the spoon complimented the name of the restaurant and gave it that extra fun vibe. Since it's a diner, we want the logo to be welcoming.
Mask Appeal Logo:
April 2020 - My logo creation for a start-up company called Mask Appeal, who create fabric masks in light of COVID19. Check out their website for more information (see below) on how you can get your own mask that matches your personality. I put some playful elements of the fabrics into the word MASK to represent that there are so many different fabrics available to match your personality. There are many colours and patterns to choose from! The owner of Mask Appeal is donating $1 worth of masks for every $1 that is sold. That's incredible!

Website Link (click to view):
Swing Production Inc. Logo and Brand Guidelines:
For a school project, we were asked to use our first and last initials of our names to create a logo and branding guidelines for a pretend business of our choosing.
I love swing dance so this is the logo for a pretend company named “Swing Production Inc.” which is a weekly social dance venue for swing dancers. I combined the letters S and P to create something that imitates a musical note to show case that this swing dance club is all about the music.
Fruta Juicery Logo: 
This is for a school project made back in February 2018. A logo made for a pretend shop called Fruta Juicery. It would sell fresh pressed juices and smoothies. Fruta Juicery’s target audience would be people who enjoy healthy diets, do juice cleanses, exercise and generally have a positive attitude towards healthy eating and living.
My client (my classmate) wanted the logo to be a bold shape but minimalist as this will be applied to bottles, business cards, the store front, website, mailing envelopes, letterhead and a variety of label sizes.

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