This is a marketing email for a brand called LILLEbaby that was designed for an Earth Day campaign.
LILLEbaby is a baby carrier brand that has a number of different types, styles, colours and patterns of baby carriers ranging from newborn to toddlers. 
This campaign had to do with Earth Day and we decided to give a 22% discount sitewide for Earth Day as it landed on April 22nd, 2024. 

22% for April 22nd; clever right?

We decided to emphasize the green commitment that LILLEbaby already has on their website. Generally, if there are a lot of words in an email or on a website, people aren’t likely to read everything. So what I did was take a quote from the Green Commitment and focus on that. It draws attention to the information and someone reading the email might read a short blurb/pull quote as opposed to a whole article. 

The other thing I did with this email is that I gathered all the earth tone carriers from the website, and it turned out there was quite a few. I made each of the eight carriers (of varying shades of green, sand or earthy colours) and each one of those images is separate and clickable.

We also had a blog post that we wanted to guide readers to, so I recreated the beginning of the blog as an image, including adding the “Read More” link so that when they clicked on the image, it would be linked to the full blog post. And then of course a last reminder to shop the sale at the end of the email.

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