Romp & Timber is a wooden toy company designed for children to explore their imagination, cultivate adventures, and support active play.

This email automation welcomes new customers to Romp & Timber’s mailing list. It introduces Romp & Timber as a toy company and engages the reader through storytelling. This approach not only showcases the toys but also personalizes the brand by explaining the “origin story” of the company and the “why” behind its creation.

The five reasons to love Romp & Timber provide readers with compelling reasons to invest in this brand, highlighting how the toys address the problem of finding engaging, developmental toys for children. These eco-friendly toys promote fine motor skills, enhance physical and mental capabilities through imagination, improve hand-eye coordination, and foster cognitive growth. This is crucial for parents who want to ensure that the toys they purchase are beneficial and meaningful to their child’s development. As parents of young children are Romp & Timber’s target audience, this email builds trust, connection, and loyalty to the brand by being genuine and giving the company a human touch through storytelling marketing.

The colour scheme was chosen to reflect the natural materials of the toys. The light beige represents natural wood, and the burnt orange/brown mirrors bamboo baskets, tying the imagery and products together seamlessly.

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